Holiday Spirit

The Christmas season is almost upon us! What better way to celebrate the coming holiday season than with some delectable Christmas cocktails. You can impress your family and friends with these Christmassy delights and kickstart the silly season with some Sydney inspired cocktails. These five cocktail concoctions originated from the vibrant Sydney cocktail bar scene around the city. Now, you can make them in the comfort of your own home! Whether you fancy a Christmas gin cocktail, smooth martini or a bit of sparkle and spritz, these 5 favourite Christmas cocktails will jazz up your festive celebration.

5 Sydney Inspired Christmas Cocktails

Festive Cocktails

Particular tastes are associated with the holiday season, from pomegranate to eggnog to cinnamon and figgy pudding. Christmas time is the perfect time for indulging in delicious festive cocktails with family and friends. Try some of these Christmas cocktail recipes yourself and impress your guests over the festive season. There is nothing better than a gorgeous cocktail and a few laughs with the ones you love.

Christmas Sangria cocktail

1. Pomegranate and Rosemary Tommys

Pomegranate is a unique fruit and an ideal ingredient for cocktails for any occasion. The red tangy juice is a great mixer and the colour will complement your decorated Christmas table. For a quick and fuss-free cocktail, simply mix 1/3 pomegranate juice and 2/3 sparkling wine. However, if you are looking for something a little more adventurous and out of the norm, then this show stopping cocktail is for you!

Adding tequila to the mix will have you feeling a little more festive and into the Christmas spirit at the very least! This recipe is brought to you by SoCal Sydney, Neutral Bay. SoCal is a happening place – from frolicking good times to lively happy hour and special events.

You will need the following for your Pomegranate and Rosemary Tommys:

  • 60ml rosemary-infused tequila
  • 30ml fresh lime juice
  • 15ml pomegranate agave

To serve pop all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker; shake and strain into a glass of your choice. Garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary and voila! Your Christmas cocktail is ready for your guests to admire and enjoy on a hot summers day.

2. Chilled Eggnog

There is one thing that sets Australian Christmases apart from many other Western countries – America, Canada and Europe. That is the weather! While the countries of the north are enjoying a beautiful white Christmas, we are right in the middle of summer. To take the edge off and get into the Christmas spirit, a classic cocktail of chilled eggnog is the perfect creamy beverage for your holiday season.

Eggnog is a much-loved yuletide drink, but it has remained prominent in the United States and not many other places in the world. It is time for the rest of the world to discover and enjoy the classic Christmas beverage. You and your guests are guaranteed to love it!

To get your eggnog chilled and ready, you will need:

  • 1 egg
  • 15ml cinnamon syrup
  • 30ml pouring cream
  • 30ml milk
  • 20ml Martell VSOP cognac
  • 20ml dark rum
  • 20ml cream sherry
  • Nutmeg to garnish

Pour all of your ingredients into a mixing glass, or a shaker, and add some ice. Shake and strain the creamy cocktail into a glass with ice to serve. Top with some freshly grated nutmeg. To make the cinnamon syrup you can simmer equal parts of water and sugar with cinnamon until the sugar dissolves completely. Counteract the hot summer days with chilled eggnog during late December!

3. Mint Julep

You may have already tried this cocktail, and what is not to love? The minty taste of this classic is great for Christmas and all year round. It is generally served in tumblers, but real julep lovers will have a set of metal Julep beakers hiding away somewhere. These prevent the ice from melting too quickly. You can enjoy your ice-cold beverage for longer during those hot, summer days in Sydney.

To make your own mint julep at home, you will need:

  • 80g caster sugar
  • 1 cup mint, with extra sprigs to serve
  • Crushed ice
  • 240ml bourbon, best with Makers Mark
  • Bitters

There are a few more steps to this cocktail, but the end result is worth it! Bring the caster sugar and 80ml of water to simmer in a saucepan. Heat over medium heat and continue stirring to dissolve the sugar. Once all is dissolved, remove from the heat and let chill in the fridge. Bruise the mint with your fingers. Spread the mint between four tumblers, fill with ice. Pour equal amounts of sugar syrup and bourbon in each glass. Lastly, share and enjoy!

4. Rosé Christmas Sangria

If you are looking for something special to serve during your family Christmas lunch, then this Rosé Christmas Sangria is the perfect choice. On a hot Australian Christmas, when summer is in full swing, this Spanish inspired cocktail is just what the doctor ordered! The ingredients list leaves the measurements up to you so that you can cater to you and your guests’ tastes. We all know some people love a sweet, fruity cocktail while others would prefer it to be heavy on the booze.

For your Rosé Christmas Sangria, you will need a decent amount of the following ingredients:

  • French Provence Rosé
  • Fresh lemon
  • Creme de Mure
  • Rose syrup
  • Muddled cherries and cranberries
  • Soda

Mix them all together in a jug and voila! There you have the perfect Christmas inspired cocktail to have besides the pool during your Sydney family holiday. Sangria is becoming an increasingly popular choice in Sydney based bars, so this is an evident pick for our top 5 list!

Figgy Pudding

5. Figgy Pudding Espresso Martini

Who doesn’t love an espresso martini? The classic cocktail is traditionally made from vodka, espresso and Kahlua is a popular choice in many bars, especially in this region of Australia. A mix of energising caffeine with alcohol is one that most people can grow to love, especially for the hardcore coffee drinkers among us.

Now, combine this with the Christmas flavour of figgy pudding, and there you have a cocktail fit for the holidays! The sophisticated espresso martini is the perfect cocktail to embody the essence of Sydney, and this Christmas spin will make it a seasonal favourite.

To start on your Figgy Pudding Espresso Martini, you will need the following:

  • Tequila
  • Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
  • Fresh espresso
  • Figgy pudding syrup
  • Candy cane to garnish

We like our Figgy Pudding Espresso Martini just like James Bond. Shaken, not stirred! Shake your ingredients to mix in a cocktail shaker and serve in a chilled martini glass. A little sprinkle of grated candy cane on top of your martini, in place of the regular coffee beans, adds an additional Christmas touch for the festivities.

There’s a Cocktail for Everyone

No matter your taste, there is undoubtedly a cocktail recipe on this list to suit you. You will most definitely find one that gives you that extra boost of Christmas spirit. These cocktails are just the ticket. Your guests will enjoy indulging in your chilled alcoholic beverages by the pool on a hot Sydney day in the middle of summer.

For more information on delicious cocktails, check out the awesome recipes at write award-winning liquor blogs and publish an expensive selection of cocktail recipes, bar guides and loads more. 

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