Do you dream of visiting the on-off paths in Australia? Would you like to explore Australia’s East and West Coast, but you don’t know where to start with travel planning? I’m here to help you!


Australia and the islands of Australia, like The Whitsundays and Tasmania, are some of the most exciting places in the world. Australia never stops to impress me. It is very diverse naturally, economically and culturally.

Travelling can be challenging, but it is also gratifying. Discovering charming places that you know nothing or little about is exciting and opens your eyes to unique experiences, cultures and cuisines.

Hello! My name is Donna. I am Australian-born and bred. In my younger years, most of my travels centred around Australia. From 2001, I began travelling extensively around the world. Australia is a great place to live and an excellent travel destination. ‘Come and say G’day.’

How To Plan An International Trip?

The Australian continent is huge and knowing when to come, where to go and how to get there is the key to seeing the best of Australia.  Being a frequent visitor to the major Australian cities, I know Australia inside out and love sharing my country with others.  You probably noticed in my blogs that I share my passion for wineries, distilleries and breweries. Who doesn’t love a cold beer, glass of wine, or gin and tonic at the end of a big travel day!  Showing you where to find the best wines, spirits, and beers will be my pleasure. Let’s drink to that!

Researching an unknown destination can be very time consuming. Travel planning can be challenging when there’s a lot to see in a short time. Preparing a well-created itinerary is essential to seeing the best of Australia. Like you, I have spent hours researching, planning and booking a vacation and struggled to find the information I needed. With years of experience, I now have the knowledge, resources, itineraries and passion for helping other travellers. I would be delighted to share this information with you.

Travel Plans Start Here!

For a small fee, I can help you plan your vacation to Australia and any other country. The process is easy. You tell me the things you are interested in, places you are keen to visit, your budget, how many days you’d like to spend at each destination. We go backwards and forwards, until we’ve created the perfect itinerary for you. Your full itinerary includes practical information, exclusive and useful tips and links on each place you are visiting.

Your Personal Travel Planner | Travel Consultant

My personal travel planning service can include booking fabulous accommodation, flights, transportation, tourist attractions and have you eating in the best restaurants.  Another service I provide is perusing the itinerary you may have in your mind. I am happy to look over your travel ideas and offer advice for a small fee. I’m here to help you.

Planning is my forte; I’m good at it. Researching and travel planning makes me excited, and I love putting together a personalised travel plan. Let me help you have a fantastic holiday without the stress and save money at the same time.

Do you want to talk more! Direct message me at and we can get the ball rolling towards your next vacation. You’re invited to join our Facebook Group Australia Travel | The Land Down Under.

It’s here, we discuss the best places to visit, top things to do, will inspire you with hidden gems, and help you with planning your trip to Australia!

We share hints, tips and beautiful photos. If you have any travel questions about Australia or anywhere else in the world – you’re more than welcome to ask your questions here.

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