Ink Gin and Tonic | Blue Gin to Pink Gin

Gin and tonic is well-known as England’s national drink, but Australians are embracing its own craft gins and gin lovers around the world are catching on. 

What Does Ink Gin Taste Like?

The Australian premium dry gin is made in a Forsyth copper pot-still from 13 organic botanicals and a mixture of juniper berries. The flavours and aromas are enriched by the locally grown botanicals such as lemon myrtle leaves, coriander seeds, pepper berries and sun-dried Australian grown Valencia orange peels. These fresh citrusy and spicy ingredients give this small batch organic Australian gin, its unique flavour characteristics and crisp, clean, refreshing finish.

Many factors play a part in creating the unique personality of each batch of Ink Gin. The soil, the way the botanicals are processed and climate to name a few. Lemon peel, a pinch of salt and a bounty of other perfumed botanicals like elderflower, cinnamon, cardamom and licorice root are the crucial ingredients and undertones of the popular Australian made botanical gin.

Colour Changing Gin Is A Big Hit

But, how does a blue gin turn pink when tonic water is added? The magic colour changing gin ingredient comes from butterfly pea flower petals (clitoria ternatea) which Husk Distillers source from Asia. The exotic flower petals are immersed in the copper pot-still for 24-hours to produce Ink Gin’s distinctive brilliant blue colour.

When the floral-infused gin and pH highly sensitive butterfly pea flowers are mixed with low pH mixers like tonic water, lime juice or lemon wedges, the colour changes from brilliant blue to a soft fuchsia pink. It’s a great party trick and conversation starter but it’s the taste of Ink Gin that has won the world over.  

Australian Actress Ink Gin 

In December 2016, Australian actress Margot Robbie posted an Instagram image of herself drinking a Pink Ink Gin Cocktail on the Gold Coast. The Instagram post attracted over 1.2 million likes from curious gin lovers around the globe. Everyone wanted to know the name of the pink gin cocktail she was drinking. This was a marketing win for the small boutique farm distillery in Tumbulgum, NSW.

After Margot Robbie’s popular Instagram post, Husk Distillers was inundated by local and international orders and quickly sold out of Ink Gin. A good problem to have! 

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Fresh-faced Margot Robbie enjoying a refreshing glass of Ink Gin and tonic water in Dec 2016. Instagram Photo.

Ink Gin Recipes | Ink Gin Cocktails 

Ink Gin Cocktail ‘Passiflora Bloom’ perfect anytime!

45ml Ink Gin
15ml Passoa Liqueur
1/2 lime, squeezed
1/2 passionfruit
2 teaspoons of sugar

Method; Place all ingredients in cocktail shaker. Shake, strain and pour over crushed ice.



A Product Worth Bottling

Ink Gin’s glass liquor bottle is distinctively masculine in design and square in shape. The entire range of Husk Distillers products are presented in stylish glass bottles of various shapes including a miniature Ink Gin bottle that is perfect for small gifts and product samples.

New Cellar Door in 2019

Husk Distillers creators of Ink Gin, Spiced Bam Bam Agricole Rum and Pure Cane Rum opens their new purpose-built distillery and cellar door / café at North Tumbulgum, NSW in early 2019. This is a very exciting time for the village community of Tumbulgum in Northern NSW. Residents have watched patiently as the distillery site has develop over the last two years. NSW tourism welcomes the highly anticipated new cellar door to the Tweed Region. 

Ink Gin Duty Free

You can pick up Ink Gin duty free with Husk Distillers other craft spirits Spiced Bam Bam Rum and Pure Cane Rum at Australian International Airports. Ink Gin sits proudly on Dan Murphys gin shelf, together with other International and Australian-made craft gins.  

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Founder Paul Messenger with the ‘Fat Bastard’ Forsyth copper Pot Still

Ink Gin Review | Top Shelf Gin

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