Here’s how to see Rome in 5 days and still have time to enjoy the best cocktails on Rome’s best rooftop bars plus where to find those hidden gems!

The Nights Belong To Lovers.

Rome is for me, the most romantic destination of the world, even more romantic than Paris. This is why so many people choose to have a vacation here. This inspiring city is so much more – vibrant works of art, historical architecture, delectable cuisine, picturesque views, and fabulous rooftop bars.

Many people wonder how many days they will need for their visit, and I must say that five days in Rome is an excellent amount of time. During those days and nights, everyone can experience the best Rome piazzas in between participating in some of the best Viator tours that will take them to wineries and bars. 

Where to Stay in Rome?

Accommodation options in Rome are insane! For the best Rome stays, I recommend as they offer the largest variety of accommodation for every travellers budget. 

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Day 1 | Best Piazzas in Rome

There are so many piazzas and fountains in Rome, which is no surprise since those areas are where the locals go to do their shopping, catch up with friends, grab a bite to eat, and simply sit and ponder the beauty that surrounds them. Visitors should do the same, however, which Rome Piazzas are the best to visit?

The Piazza della Madonna dei Monti is not too far from the Colosseum and travellers will see many different types of people hanging out in this spot. This piazza can be very quiet and serene at certain parts of the day, but the atmosphere changes during the lunchtime hour when hundreds of people gather to eat their lunch as close to the fountain as possible.

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Cocktail Talks

Visitors who have spent their first day in Rome exploring this area must take the time to enjoy a drink or two at the Black Market Art Gallery. While tea is served in this establishment during the day, the night-time hours bring a large selection of wines and an even larger selection of cocktails. Live music plays in the background, creating the perfect ending to the day, especially for those who choose to sit on the mezzanine level far above the crowds.


The 7 Best Rooftop Bars in Rome

Day 2 | Roman Architecture

Day two in Rome needs to be spent admiring the Baroque architecture that is everywhere in the Piazza Navona. Visitors should pay attention to the details at the Stadium of Domitian, where athletic contests and chariot races were once held, and the place where martyr-legend Sant’Agnese was put to death. Of course, the three fountains within this piazza are the perfect places to sit and rest in between all the adventures. The Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi symbolizes four of the world’s rivers, the Nile, the Danube, the Gagnes, and the River Plate. The other two fountains are the Fontana del Moro and the Fontana di Nettuno.

The Inside Scoop on Rome’s Gelato!

Any of those fountains are also the best spots to enjoy some of the best gelato in Rome, which can be found at the Gelateria del Teatro in the Piazza Navona neighbourhood. They have quite the variety of flavours, ranging from strawberry to white chocolate with basil to rosemary honey with lemon. Wine and cocktail lovers will want to try their delectable dark chocolate nero d’avola, which is created using Belgian dark chocolate and the infamous Sicilian red wine.

The tourism company, Walks of Italy offers an amazing range of Rome walking tours along with a twilight city stroll and gelato tastings. 

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Must Visit 

Before leaving this area at the end of the day, everyone must make sure that they stop at the Pantheon. This building has been preserved the best out of the rest of the historical attractions in the city, mostly because it is still in use as a church to this day.

Italian Wines and Traditional Cocktails

Just a four minute walk from the Pantheon is the rooftop bar at La Terrazza del Cesari. This boutique hotel with rooftop bar is open every day of the week, from 6:00 pm to midnight. Hotel Cesari is one of the most famous in the city.

Monkey Business

Another must-see site is the Monkey Tower, which can be found tucked away on via dei Portoghesi. The tower’s real name is La Torre dei Frangipani or Torre della Moletta, but it is known as the other name because of the legend that began one thousand years ago.

It is said that a family lived within this building with their pet monkey. At one point in time, the monkey was left alone in a room with the baby, and the monkey climbed to the top of the tower with the infant. The parents desperately prayed to Virgin Mary in hope that their child would be safe. They made a promise in their prayers to build her a shrine if their baby was safe. The monkey brought the baby down from the tower and the family placed a Madonna on top of the tower.


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Day 3 | Trevi Fountain of Love

Day three in Rome will take visitors to the Piazza de Trevi, where the famous Trevi Fountain can be found. This is always the highlight of people’s trips to Rome, because they are always hopeful that the myths of the fountain will come true for them.

According to the popular legend, coins should be tossed over a person’s left shoulder with their right hand. One coin means that the person will return to Rome again in the future, two coins means that they will fall in love with an attractive Italian, and three coins means that they will marry that attractive Italian. 

This can be a day of relaxing for those who need a break from all the walking and exploring that they have been doing. Relaxing near the Trevi Fountain can be quite the experience. It is an excellent place to sit and enjoy the best coffee in Rome while watching the people passing by.  

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Sweet Delight & Caffeine Fix

Visitors can grab a cup of coffee from Pasticceria Barberini to take back to the piazza, but they also might want to grab one of the sweet treats that this café is famous for too.

It is recommended that everyone stays standing when they place and receive their order, as it costs less than it would for those who take up a table. Although, for an authentic Roman experience, visitors may want to pay a little extra to watch how this café works.

Day 4 | Holy City Superstars | The Roman Guy

The second to last day in the city should be savoured in Vatican City, where everyone can visit St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums.

No one should miss Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel when visiting Rome, but everyone will want to make sure that they are back in the main part of Rome in time to take an evening walking tour with the Roman Guy that includes some of the best cocktail bars in Rome. 

Best Takeaway Pizza | Near the Vatican City

Just outside the walls of the Vatican, you will find Rome’s legendary Pizzarium; the best takeaway pizza in Rome. Don’t let the long queues outside the door stop you! Take a number and wait for your number to be called, the wait staff will go through all the delicious menu options.

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Rome At Night 

While everyone would have seen many of the attractions that are passed by on this walking tour during their last few days in the city, they will view them in a different way at night. Each tour has its own meeting place in a piazza, but the guides hold signs up so that no one misses a second of the fun.

One of the better tours begins in Piazza Colonna with the Roman Guys tour group. The tour guides are amazing, and they take people to the best bars in Rome while talking about the sights that are passed along the way. The guides will also share their little-known secrets about the best places to eat in those areas, so that everyone can avoid eating at only touristy restaurants.

No one should be surprised to find themselves in fabulous bars during the tour including Bar del Fico near Piazza Navona and Coffee Pot in Trastevere neighbourhood. The first one offers a shabby chic vibe complete with experimental cocktails, while the second offers a Japanese atmosphere with cocktails that have been infused with unique flavours.

Trastevere Rooftop Bar

The best rooftop bar in Trastevere can be found at Minerva Roof Garden. The hotel offers both summer and winter bars with barmen specialising in 16 different Martinis and Mojitos made from home grown ingredients.

Day 5 | Wine | Food | Rejoice 

The last day of any vacation is always bittersweet, but it can be a time of wonder and delight in Rome when people choose to use their last few hours to take one of Viator Tours wine tours. A half day wine and food tasting tour of Rome takes approximately four hours, which is perfect for those who want to do something different before returning to the streets for one last walk around.

This wine tour focuses on Campo de’ Fiori and the city centre and everyone will enjoy bites of artisan cheeses, pizza, salami, salted cod, and more delectable foods as they venture from one destination to the next. Of course, there is plenty of wine to go with the cuisine, but everyone will want to make sure that they leave room for the fantastic dinner that will be waiting for them at one of the eateries in Trastevere.

The tour will finish with a stop at an authentic gelateria, where everyone can grab their favourite flavours to eat as they reminisce about everything that they experienced during their time in the city. These tours are often very personalised, as they are limited to only twelve people, so there is ample time to ask questions and learn as much as possible about the food and drink that is being enjoyed.

Roman Holiday | Mouth of Truth

Five days in Rome will go by quickly, so while it is possible to see everything in that time, people may find themselves rushing to check everything off on their 5 day itinerary. Hopefully those same people tossed at least one coin into the Trevi Fountain when they were there, because at least that means that they can return someday soon to experience the city once again. After all, this is a city that should be savoured as much as the food and wine that is served here.

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