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These travel companies are the ones I personally use when I travel. These trusted travel resources are making planning and booking travel easy.

Today’s travel self-booking services include flights, accommodation, transportation,  travel insurance, car rental, tours, activities and more.  Having peace of mind is very important to me. Connecting with trustworthy companies ensures that my travel plans run as smoothly as possible.

Here you will find loads of useful information to help you with your travel preparations. Click on the links for more information and get access to great travel offers.

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Travel resources for booking international and domestic flights from anywhere in the world.

Transportation & car rentals available from many countries

Travel planning

For travellers wishing to book a cruise, the Progressive Traveller recommends the following cruise companies:

travel recommendations

Travel planning links useful for before and during your trips. 

Travel Plan Links
Travel tours

Travel & tour deals to integrate into your itinerary:

luggage for travellers

Places for sourcing travel clothing, travel gear such as luggage, cameras, hiking equipment etc

Gear / Photography

Disclosure: Please understand that many links on this page are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to purchase one of the products. Please understand that everything was chosen because I have used it myself and find them beneficial when travelling. But make sure you make your own judgment before purchasing.

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