Fancy Swimming in Luxury Pools in Australia and around the World?

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Embracing Swimply as a Traveller

Being a travel writer, I can work anywhere in the world with a good internet connection. Discovering new things and trying unique experiences is at the top of my list. I’m excited to hear Swimply is coming to Australia, and I intend to take advantage of this opportunity to swim around Australia and the world.

Australia offers an intoxicating mix of landscapes and great weather conditions like nowhere else in the world. From the heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef to spectacular rainforests, golden sun-kissed beaches to arid deserts. Australia is a huge continent offering visitors an extensive and diverse selection of awesome experiences. It is no surprise, therefore that the Swimply Founder and CEO, Bunim Laskin has set his sights on Australia’s pool sharing market.

Warmer climates and Australia’s love affair with swimming pools continue to grow. According to Roy Morgan, (leading independent Australian research company), Michele Levine Chief Officer, 13% of Australians lived in a house with a swimming pool in 2018, up from 12% in just under four years. Regional Queenslanders including Cairns in tropical North Queensland top the nation with 20% of people living in a house with a swimming pool.

Creating A More Global Sharing Society

These days you can rent a scooter, house, room, boat even a car space so why not rent a private pool for a fee. Public swimming pools aren’t my thing either so when I heard about Swimply, I felt all my Christmases had come at once.

Although swimming is the leading sport regularly enjoyed by over six million Australians, most pools are very underutilised. This model helps pool owners recoup ongoing expenses, making the pool free for them, and less of a money pit!

The majority of Australians would love a pool, especially in the hot summer months, but don’t want the responsibility or the expense to maintain one. Swimply allows non-pool owners affordable access to an otherwise unreachable luxury. Soon you will be able to rent a pool by the hour in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and everywhere in between.

In Australia, the average cost to build an inground concrete swimming pool is around $60,000 and another $200 per month to maintain which doesn’t include breakdown, water evaporation or electricity to run a pump or any heating. Today people are looking for a more sharing society to help save the environment and their money.

Swimming Pool Hire

Rent a Pool with Swimply

If you are contemplating buying a swimming pool, you may like to consider renting a pool via the Swimply app. The app launched in July 2019, enabling the company to expand nationally with a focus on the Tri-State areas plus New York, California, Florida, Texas and Arizona.

Swimply Host

The Swimply app has already connected thousands of private pool owners with over 17,000 people looking for a place to swim and relax. Locals and visitors to the United States are embracing pool sharing and diving into backyard pools and discovering less known neighbourhoods.

‘Swimming and Simply’, Swimply will soon offer more Australians a hassle-free pool sharing solution near them. It is the world’s first pool sharing model, where homeowners can make extra cash renting their pools to guests. Renting a swimming pool is a great way to escape locally and can have a positive effect on residents, visitors and the economy of neighbourhoods within local communities.

Opening up your pool to strangers may feel weird at first, but when you think about it, Swimply is far less intrusive compared to renting your entire house out on Airbnb. Not to mention, a lot less work!

Fancy Swimming in Luxury Pools in Australia and around the World?

So, how does the Swimply pool sharing arrangement work?

The quick answer is the model is similar to Airbnb, but for pools. The Swimply app is simple and easy to use. Guests book by the hour and pay upfront via the app using Stripe, a secure payment system. Pool owners are paid after each pool booking, minus the Swimply 15% service fee for facilitating. Swimmers also pay a 15% fee to secure their booking. The host can chat with guests and read their reviews before accepting the reservation. 

Not Home, No Problem

Pool hosts generally opt to become invisible and are not required to be home throughout pool bookings. Guests are provided with all the information prior to arrival. Hosts set their pool’s availability, cancellation policy, privacy ratings and restrictions such as the number of guests, infants, noise, nudism, pool toys, and so on. This allows guests to choose the best fit for them.

Portable Restroom for Swimply Guests

Depending on the location and amenities such as restrooms, BBQ, vista and comforts, hosts can set the price and charge more per hour and offer longer rent times. Some hosts prefer to hire a porto-loo and have it maintained once a week. More than 70% of Swimply pool owners offer a restroom to Swimply guests.

Pool Bookings Made Simple

Most bookings are made by families and small groups, often reserved for a few hours on the day or the day before. Larger groups tend to book pools for the entire day, allowing guests to come and go as they please. The Swimply app has also been welcomed by various religions, where mixed-gender swimming is against their religious beliefs. Amputees and others suffering from body image disorders and disabilities have welcomed Swimply with open arms.

pool sharing

Clean and Safe | Swimply Reviews

Pool owners are required to have their pools inspected by a registered pool maintenance company that includes the Swimply 24-point checklist for health and safety. The pool sharing service does not provide the hosts with insurance for the pool or injuries caused. It is the homeowners’ responsibility to check with their insurer to see whether their home insurance policy is adequate. Pool renters also must sign a waiver.

Reviews on Swimply are written by hosts and guests after each booking to ensure the information is clear, up to date and to everyone’s expectations.

Pool party

Join Swimply Community | Book Beautiful Pools

Whether you’re looking to rent a swimming pool in Australia or one on the other side of the world, search on the Swimply app to find your perfect private pool in paradise. Get 10% discount when you use the code: PROTRAVEL10 on any Swimply booking.

If you are a pool owner and interested in sharing your pool in the Swimply community, join the other 2,000+ happy pool owners who are putting extra cash in their pocket and loving their pool more. Australians can begin listing their swimming pools today but pool sharing won’t be available for swimmers till mid November.

Swimply Explained!

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