Looking for the best travel blogs to read in 2020? Below are my Top 5 travel blogs in the travel industry. You should follow these top travel bloggers to discover the best destinations and how to travel better in 2020 and beyond.

Most travel bloggers love reading other bloggers posts and articles. FOMOFear Of Missing Out is a common condition travel bloggers often feel. For me, I love reading travel stories just as much as I enjoy writing my own. It’s a great way to be inspired to travel to new destinations and is often the place where I learn my best travel tips.

Seeing what other professional bloggers are achieving through their love and passion for travel is also inspiring, encouraging and stimulating. Blogging is NOT an easy gig, and unless you are totally dedicated to working your butt off, I’d suggest you find another career path.

Travel Today

With an aging population, the travel industry is growing rapidly. A range of new products are emerging, including senior themed tours, customised and specialty vacations on land and sea.
Niche travel bloggers specialise in a particular demographic and types of travel such as luxury travel, a destination, educational tours and much more. There are thousands of bloggers emerging in every industry and creating all sorts of content. But not all bloggers are created equal!

Gay Travel Blog
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5 Top Travel Bloggers and Destination Creators to Know in 2020

Here’s 5 travel bloggers I personally follow and insight on why I believe these bloggers are the best in their chosen travel niche.

1. Nomadic Boys

Niche – Gay Travel

Stefan (Greek) and Sebastien (French) are a gay couple from the UK who met in a gay bar in London in 2009.  It was love at first sight, and they have been travelling the globe together ever since. As a gay couple, the Nomadic Boys share their travel adventures and highlights with not only the gay community.  In 2014, they quit their jobs in law and finance and went to Asia in search of new cultures, adventure and excellent scuba diving opportunities. Since then their gay travel blog has become one of the largest and most successful LGBTB online travel websites in the world.

Stef and Seb inspire their tribe of readers and followers to discover more destinations by sharing their travel adventures about the local gay scene, friends they meet, and how to best plan an exciting and safe trip.

They provide readers with an insight into local gay life, unique experiences to do, and how best to connect with LGBTQ locals. Over the last few years, gay travel has become more popular, and the Nomadic Boys are often asked to speak at conferences to promote gay tourism.

Ytravel blog specialising in family travel
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2. Ytravel Blog

Niche – Family Travel

Founders Caz (Caroline) and Craig Makepeace have one of the largest travel blogs in Australia. Ytravel Blog is full of great family travel stories captured over 15 + years of life on the road, including the ups and the downs. Caz writes with her heart on her sleeve, and at times I can feel her pain from living across the other side of the world. They travel full-time with their two daughters Kalyra and Savannah who are home-schooled, proving travel doesn’t have to stop after having kids.

Caroline inspires readers to unplug from an often-chaotic life, travel more and reconnect to what really matters – creating a dream life and memories that last a lifetime. Caz is no ordinary travel blogger; she was the opening keynote speaker for TBEX North America 2019 in Montana. Y Travel Blog also received the Modern Entrepreneur award for their excellence in publishing and a Green Card to permanently live and work in the United States of America for their extraordinary ability in the art of travel blogging.

Travel and Fashion Blog
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3. Travel Fashion Girl

Niche – Travel Fashion

Alexandra Jimenez is the Founder / Editor-in-Chief of Travel Fashion Girl blog. Alex was originally from Los Angeles and started travelling the globe in 2008. Her journey into blogging began in 2012 after a stint in the fashion industry and a life-changing experience in India. She was inspired to change her life and follow a new direction into a world of travel. She has visited over 45 countries on 6 continents, and today most of her travel adventures are based around her love for scuba diving.

Travel Fashion Girl teaches women how to pack light with practical fashion pieces without compromising on comfort and style. The fashion blog helps millions of women around the globe avoid the mistakes that Alex made when she first started travelling. Travel Fashion Girl have created a line of travel accessories called Compass Rose which are available on the TFG website, Amazon and other online platforms.

Train Travel Blog
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4. The Man in Seat 61

Niche – Train Travel

Ex British Rail worker, Mark Smith is the mastermind behind The Man in Seat 61. Six years after the initial launch, Mark made the decision to leave his job to work full-time on The Man in Seat 61 blog because it sounded like more fun than a real job! That was back in 2007 when booking rail tickets online within Europe was very unreliable and troublesome.

Today, the site focuses mostly on train-based travel and some ferry recommendations. The Man in Seat 61 provides information on the best train routes, fares and journey times from the UK to most of Europe, and rail travel within most countries in the rest of the world, including extensive coverage of Russian and Indian Railways.

So, why seat 61, you ask!

When Mark travelled First Class on the Eurostar, he always requested seat 61. This tradition continued on other trains after he left London en route to destinations such as Italy, Greece, Spain, Italy, Japan and more.

The desire for slow travel and train travel has significantly increased with the introduction of faster, safer and more reliable trains. Seasoned travellers know that train travel is often more comfortable, practical, safer, quicker and cheaper than flying – especially in Europe and Japan.

The information on the blog is provided for free, and The Man in Seat 61 aims to educate people on the perks of travelling by train. It then sets out to enable people to catch trains and ferries by providing the know-how and confidence to book their journeys themselves.

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Travel and Photography Blog
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5. Travel and Destinations

Niche – Travel Photography

Travel and Destinations blog was founded by professional travel and hotel photographer, Mike Clegg. The website and travel blogs are complemented by beautiful travel photography, providing inspiration to discover more places to visit around the world.

Being a frequent traveller, Mike offers readers practical tips for photography and travel together with an excellent selection of destination guides.

Like most bloggers, these 5 top travel blogs in the travel niche started blogging as a hobby. Today, many of the best niche travel blogs have become successful online businesses promoting specialised services and products.

Note: This blog post contains affiliate links which earn me a small commission if you book or purchase something through this post. This is at no extra cost to you. If you liked this or any of my other posts, please share them with your friends and family. Thank you so much for being part of my travel-loving tribe. Safe travels, Donna.

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