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Most travellers learn the hard way! People aren’t born savvy travellers; its only by experience and mistakes we learn. Seasoned travellers have all missed flights, booked hotels on the wrong dates, forgotten to pre-arrange visas and the list of mistakes is endless!

It is from these mistakes that we learn some great Travel Tips including when to fly, which seats to book and how to get through airports and security quicker. My aim is to help you to avoid some of the common travel mistakes and show you how to travel better.

I have put together an eBook full of my best Travel Tips that cover everything you need to know about travel planning, packing, airports, travel insurance and loads more tips learned over the last two decades of travel.

Go Travel | International Travel Toolkit eBook will save you money and help you to pack more efficiently for travel. It will be the best $0.99cents you have very spent.

Go Travel eBook

Go Travel is a traveller’s pocket guide to travelling well! This step by step guide is a culmination of the Progressive Traveller’s personal Travel Tips and advice collected over four decades of travelling as an independent traveller.

A guide for anyone and everyone who travels or is thinking about travelling. It’s also an informative book for travel bloggers and bloggers all over the world.

These Travel Tips and advice will help alleviate your fears and give you the tools and confidence to travel solo or take on the world with a loved one.

Inside Go Travel

Prepare, plan and Go Travel, with Progressive Traveller’s strategic advice on the vital trip-planning tools. Discover useful resources including an airport and air-travel guide plus a host of Travel Tips and packing lists that you can use over and over again.

Loaded with product information, health and safety advice, as well the Progressive Traveller’s Pro Tips from personal experience. This guide shows you how the Progressive Traveller budgets and saves for travel and connects with local culture, while skipping the lines and avoiding the crowds.

So, whether you’re a first-time traveller or a seasoned pro, let the Progressive Traveller guide you through everything you need to know before you travel.

Firstly, I want to emphasise that you really don’t need half the stuff you pack for travel.

Over the last four decades, I have learnt the art of embracing the lifestyle of a minimalist traveller. The majority of what I now pack into my bag is related to my blogging business. With the improvement of mobile devices, electronics and travel accessories, my luggage is becoming lighter each year.

Having a series of packing lists can help you pack the right items in the right bags and help you to avoid excess luggage costs. Even the most free-spirited wanderer needs a checklist of things to pack.

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Travel tips eBook

On your trip you’ll meet two kinds of travellers – those who pack light and those who wish they had!

How to Pack Smart and Still Look Great

Follow these tips and tricks to create an impressive travel wardrobe that reflects your personality.
1. Stick to a colour palette of 3 colours to avoid carrying items that don’t match. For me, I commonly choose black, white and a bright or pastel colour like orange, blue, or pink.
2. Pack only the essentials, and if you really need something, buy it. Remember everything you can buy in your country is likely to be available in the country you’re visiting.
3. Pack shoes that go with most outfits.
4. Leave room in your luggage for your purchases along the way.

Download my FREE packing checklist here, and never forget an essential travel item again.


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