How To Find Unicorn Falls In Mount Jerusalem National Park NSW

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How To Find Unicorn Falls In Mount Jerusalem National Park NSW


unicorn falls

Chasing Unicorns! 

After weeks of COVID-19 lockdown, Australian residents are finally permitted to travel within their own State or Territory. 

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has led to many firsts in world history. Every industry around the globe has in some way been impacted by Coronavirus. From hospitality and bar staff to athletes wondering about the future of their jobs. But the industry that has taken the biggest hit of all is undoubtedly tourism. Travel influencers and bloggers also feel the strain from international travel bans and find it difficult to generate income from blogging, recommendations, and product endorsements.  Bloggers like myself have had to reinvent themselves, develop new skills and look outside the square.

Not This Year!

June is my favourite month in Europe. At the begin of May each year, I head to  Europe for about 9 weeks. I can’t remember living in Australia at this time of year for decades! Australia doesn’t have a spectacular autumn season like Banff in Canada but its still gorgeous all the same. 

Long Overseas Holidays

Returning home from a long trip can be a real culture shock, and it is not uncommon to feel restless when reality hits that you are no longer travelling. There is something to be said about having a home to come home to, especially after living out of a suitcase for an extended period!

Getting back into a routine can be difficult when life has been one long-exciting adventure! What I find helps me to adjust to ‘somewhat’ normality is getting back to nature. Getting outside and enjoying nature has a positive effect on how I feel.

Uki’s Best Kept Secret | Unicorn Falls

As part of my nature-therapy, I took on the challenge of finding ‘Unicorn Falls’ near Uki and 30 minutes from Murwillumbah NSW. All I knew about the waterfall was it was located inside Mt Jerusalem National Park near Uki and not easy to find. I encourage you to follow this detailed guide, and you won’t get off the beaten track!

This Way To Unicorn Falls 

Unicorn Falls NSW

View to Unicorn Falls

Unicorn Falls Mount Jerusalem National Park NSW

Unicorn Falls Mount Jerusalem National Park NSW Australia

Unicorn Falls is a well-kept secret, hidden deep within Mount Jerusalem National Park’s beauty in Northern NSW. The falls were a little tricky to find, and some of the roads were not well suited to my 2WD Skoda sedan! It was slow going on the unsealed roads, but slow and steading wins the race!

Fun Finding the Falls

By no means is Unicorn Falls as spectacular as other NSW waterfalls such as Minyon Falls near Mullumbimby. It is a tiny waterfall that cascades gently into a natural waterhole. For me, finding Unicorn Falls was more exciting than the falls themselves. Sometimes, it’s the small things in life that we remember most and cherish for a lifetime. I hope you take on the challenge of finding your unicorn in life and that is brings you great happiness.

Preparation and Permits:

Before embarking on this enchanting journey, it is essential to be well-prepared. Exploring the wilderness demands a sense of responsibility towards the environment and personal safety. Here are some vital tips:

  1. Research and Planning: Study the routes and trails that lead to Mount Jerusalem National Park and familiarise yourself with the park’s rules and regulations. Secure any necessary permits, and check for any park alerts or closures.

  2. Physical Fitness: Trekking to Unicorn Falls requires a moderate level of physical fitness. Ensure you are in good health and pack appropriate gear, including sturdy hiking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

  3. Pack Essentials: Bring enough water to stay hydrated throughout your journey and pack some snacks to keep your energy levels up. Like a prepare “Boy Scout” remember to also pace a first aid kit, a map, and compass for any bush adventure.

Stunning views from Mount Jerusalem National Park
Unicorn Falls into waterhole

1. Views from Mount Jerusalem National Park

2. Unicorn Falls Mount Jerusalem National Park

Stunning views of Mt Warning NSW

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Driving Instructions to Unicorn Falls NSW

  • In Uki turn left on to Rowlands Creek Road (off Kyogle Road) just past the Uki Café
  • Head south on Rowlands Creek Road for 1.9km and continue right to stay on Rowlands Creek Road for another 2.8 km NB: Do not follow Chowan Creek Road (Image 1)
  • Turn left onto Manns Road and continue to the entrance to Mount Jerusalem National Park 5.5km. Manns Road changes from bitumen to well-graded gravel for the last 1.1km (Image 2)
  • The road within the National Park is corrugated and eroded in sections making driving slow and problematic for 2WD cars. Don’t attempt in and after heavy rain
  • From Mount Jerusalem National Park entrance drive 2.5km and turn left onto South Chowan Road (Image 3)
  • Continue driving appropriately 1.1km across the wooden bridge and park immediately on the left. There is a pullover section to park and a large boulder marks the pathway to the falls (Image 4)
  • The falls are not visible, but you will hear them. Walk appropriately 200metres and the falls are on your right. Cross the small rocky stream to get to the tiny waterfall

The Village Of Uki (pronounced yook-eye)

Uki is the closest town to Unicorn Falls
Uki Butter Factory Sign
Best coffee in Uki NSW
Uki local artists

While you’re in the Northern NSW region, visit some of the interesting small towns like Uki. Uki is a small heritage-listed township with a thriving arts and crafts community at the base of the Mount Warning, and the Three Sisters walk. Located 15 minutes from Murwillumbah, 30 minutes from Nimbin and 50 minutes from Mullumbimby via gravel roads through Mt Jerusalem National Park

Arts, Culture and Heritage

Art Post Uki gallery is located on Kyogle Road in the heritage-listed Uki Post Office. The gallery space is dedicated to raising awareness of local artists from Uki and surrounding areas. Small regular art exhibitions are held throughout the year, drawing new visitors to the village. The mission of Art Post Uki is to promote local artists,  build community engagement and increase tourism to the village.

Enjoy the Food Experience in Uki NSW

My go-to coffee fix is at Uki Café (Byron Bun Coffee), and my husband loves a coldie off the tap at the Mount Warning Hotel. Sadly the original historic pub burnt down in February 2013 but fortunately rebuilt and reopened in August 2015. Also, Mavis’s Kitchen and Cabins Uki NSW is a popular restaurant and wedding destination, bringing tourism to the small village of Uki. 

“Just let go — and fall like a little waterfall.”

Author Bob Ross

Small Towns NSW

If you are anything like me and love visiting small towns, check out these NSW blogs: Discover Murwillumbah NSW; Burringbar NSW. 

Unicorn Falls NSW

Tumbulgum Husk Distillers

For those who love a Gin and Tonic, you must visit Husk Farm Distillery and cellar door café that opened in June, 2019. Husk Distillers are located in North Tumbulgum NSW, appropriate 15 minutes north of Uki and 10 minutes south from Tweed Heads. The small boutique distillery is famous for its brilliant blue colour Autralian Premier Dry Gin.

Ink Gin is a botanical craft spirit which changes from blue to a beautiful blush pink when tonic water, lemon or lime is added. The local Northern Rivers gin was made internationally famous when Australian actress Margot Robbie posted an image of herself drinking a pink ink gin cocktail on her Instagram site. Learn more about the village of Tumbulgum and Husk Distillers Ink Gin and Spiced Bam Bam Rum from the links below.

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