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InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is a hotel like no other!

Move over Burj Al Arab Dubai and Marina Bay Sands Singapore! China’s Shanghai underwater quarry hotel is now open and attracting inquisitive visitors from all over the globe.

After 12 years of innovative construction, Shimao InterContinental Wonderland (also known as the Songjiang Quarry Hotel) the doors were finally opened on 20 November 2018. At a cost of US$555, this earthscraper hotel is getting plenty of attention. The 337-room luxury hotel is located approximately 30km / 20 miles south-west from the Shanghai skyline.

China’s New World-Class Luxury Hotel

The architectural wonderland has 19 floors in total including 2 floors fully submerged; all floors are built into the disused Shenkeng quarry walls. 16 floors have balcony views of the purpose-built waterfalls that somersaults down the quarry face. Below ground – a 10-metre-deep aquarium, guest rooms, pool, restaurant, and water sports centre – creates an unbelievable aquatic experience.

Visitors and guests are making themselves at home relaxing on the ‘green’ rooftop space that peers above the quarry pit and blends in so beautifully with the surrounding landscape. The quarry walls attract the more adventurous guests with rock climbing and bungee jumping activities.


B1M | Construction Video Channel

Building the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Video – Extending 90 metres down into an abandoned quarry, the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is a structure like no other. Video credits B1M

Top Construction Achievements of the 21st Century

Thousands of architects, engineers, designers and developers collaborated on the project to ensure the construction of the world’s first 5-star quarry hotel would not impact on the surrounding environment. The design of the flagship hotel was shortlisted at the 2009 World Architecture Festival.

The abandoned quarry and its unique topography allowed for the opportunity to construct a world-class hotel without damaging the existing landscape. InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel is also regarded as one of the most eco-friendly places to stay in China.

Marriott Shanghi Edition | Luxury Boutique Hotel 

Marriott Shanghai Edition | Luxury Boutique Hotel

Another new hotel popped up on the Shanghai Skyline at the end of 2018. The Marriott Shanghai Edition, a luxury boutique hotel, located just 5 minutes from The Bund, the city’s popular waterfront area. The 145-room hotel has two separate towers and features unobstructed views of People’s Square and the Pudong skyline from many of the guestrooms and suites.

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