Travelling Fit | How to Keep Fit & Healthy with a Few Simple Steps!

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Travelling Fit | How to Keep Fit & Healthy with a Few Simple Steps!


Do You Want To How I Stay Fit While Travelling?

Keeping fit while travelling can be difficult for some, especially people who regularly workout in a gym. Although, I do enjoy the gym environment, it is impossible for me to be a member of a gym with my international travel lifestyle.

Humans were designed to walk!   Walking takes very little effort and requires no gym membership, lycra, yoga mat or personal trainer. It costs nothing to participate in, and can be performed at any time. But…..the problem with walking on regular ground is that after a month or so it becomes routine.

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How I Stay Fit While Travelling?

Early on my travels, I became aware that walking all day wasn’t going to keep me fit and toned. Yes, I am walk fit from travelling however to keep in shape and maintain muscle mass, I must perform body weight exercise most days. Body weight exercises keep me fit and healthy looking.

I also find that hill walking about 5k a day is a very effective way to keep me in shape, tone my legs and butt whilst challenging my cardiovascular system.

Hill Walking

Incorporating hill walking into your day is an easy way to increase your muscle tone. Because your body is not used to walking up and down hills for a long stretch of time, the muscles in your legs are forced to work harder to keep you going. This adds definition to your leg muscles and improves your cardio capacity. It’s important to remember that you are putting real stress on your leg muscles, so start off easy and allow yourself the time to adapt to hill walking. You don’t want to hurt yourself by doing this type of exercise. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a DAY!

Resistance Training

There are a variety of light weight, inexpensive resistance bands on the market which are ideal for travelling and won’t take up too much space in your luggage or car. Resistance bands allow you to perform body weight exercises without the need to use weights. Bands can give you a full body workout and be incorporated into a stretching program.  I always keep a small band in my handbag to use on a plane, bus and train. You will be surprised how often you use it once you start seeing the benefits. Including a resistance band kit in your luggage will help you keep your routine varied and interesting.

TRX Training

Another exercise tool included in my luggage is my TRX suspension trainer. The big benefit of the TRX system is it can be used anywhere anytime – hotel room, beach or park. This versatile portable device weighs under 1kg and can tuck neatly into your luggage or overnight bag.

Body Weight Exercises

To add variety to my workouts, I switch to straight body weight exercises as these can be done anywhere:

  • pull ups – chin ups (bar – park equipment, tree etc)
  • squats – lunges – single leg squats
  • dips (bench seat, hotel chair)
  • push ups
  • calf raisers ( I do this exercise twice a day for 2 minutes while cleaning my teeth)
  • bridge – lying hip raisers
  • planks
  • crab walk (small resistance band)
  • leg lifts – single – double legs

Remember to drink water before, during and after a workout.

If staying hydrated is difficult for you, here are some tips that may help:

  1. Keep a bottle of water with you during the day
  2.  Don’t like the taste of water add a slice of lemon or lime
  3. Feeling hungry, try drinking first. Thirst is often confused with hunger.
  4. Trouble remembering to drink water, drink on a schedule. For example, drink water when you wake up, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and when you go to bed. Or, drink a small glass of water at the beginning of each hour.

Eat Wisely | Your Body Will Love You For It

While you’re away on holiday or road tripping from place to place, you don’t always stick to the healthy options. Fast food and unhealthy snacks are common choice, especially if you’re travelling on a tight budget and living out of hotel rooms.

Maintaining a healthy diet while travelling is very important. You don’t want to put on those unwanted kilograms and excess body fat. Packing healthy snacks for trips and choosing accommodation that has cooking facilities will not only save you money but also your waist line!

Travelling shouldn’t interrupt your exercise routine. Hill walking, body weight exercises and the TRX system is all you need to maintain the same disciplines you have created at home. You don’t need a gym to get a great workout and become travelling fit! Want to learn more about the Progressive Traveller?

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