Alcoholic Drinks in Australia
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Top Australian-Made Craft Spirits

Australia is a must visit destination with an abundance of cultures, culinary delights and wondrous landmarks. Every country has its unique identity, which ultimately draws visitors into its history and local specialities. While there are plenty of things to do in Australia, visitors to Australia can add tasting the best alcoholic drinks to the bucket list.

In an effort to provide you with some booze options in Australia, we put together a list of popular alcoholic drinks, you must try. We have chosen either a particular type of craft beer or a delicious native Australia drink. 

Here are 5 best alcoholic drinks to swirl, sniff, sip and savour during your visit to Australia.

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1. Best Beer: Stone & Wood Pacific Ale | New South Wales

Australia is synonymous with beer, perhaps even more so than Germany. But among all the refreshing local Australian made craft beers, there is one big standout. Stone & Wood beers are brewed in Byron Bay, a popular paradise on the NSW Pacific Coast. Using Australian local ingredients, the Pacific Ale brew, packs a huge punch of aromatic citrus and passionfruit notes, while still remaining light, crisp and delicious. It is the kind of beer you throw down after a hard day of sightseeing. Once you have tasted Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, it is easy to see why Australians continuously vote it the best beer in Australia.

Stone & Wood beers are available on tap at many Australian bars and hotels or you can pick up their completed craft beer range from Dan Murphy’s liquor stores across the country. Cheers to good beer!

Australian Craft Beer
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2. Best Gin: Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin | New South Wales

It is well-known that England’s national drink is gin and tonic, however Australians are also a big fan of craft gins. Gin loving tourists are often surprised to learn that Australia has many award-winning gin distilleries. Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin is created from fourteen traditional and native Australian botanicals. Each botanical is individually distilled in a 300L handmade copper pot still that is underpinned with pronounced juniper. You can find the popular Archie Rose Gin range on creative gin cocktail lists at trendy bars, clubs and cocktail lounges across Australia.

Australian Gin
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3. Best Rum: Beenleigh Distillery Rum Mojito Cocktail | Queensland

Sugar cane was first introduced to Australia in 1788 and rum literally helped to build Australia. Beenleigh Rum Distillery are pioneer rum makers dating back to 1869 and are the oldest licensed distillery on the Australian continent. Today, Beenleigh Distillery is an impressive icon visible from the M1 Pacific Motorway. It is Australia’s original rum and the longest running hospitality establishment on the Gold Coast. These world-class artisan rums are made from the finest Queensland ingredients – pure rainwater, premium molasses and their own proprietary yeast.

In 2015, under new ownership, a visitor’s centre opened to the public offering tours of a working distillery. Tours include walking around the property and offer a glimpse through the production areas to give visitors a better understanding of an operating distillery.

Beenleigh distillers partner with the best bartenders in Australia to bring to you, unique and creative ways to enjoy rum. It is your turn now to find an awesome bar in Australia and try an amazing Beenleigh Rum Classic Mojito cocktail. A simply perfect Mojito for all occasions. Cocktail ingredients – Beenleigh white rum, lemon juice, fresh mint, sugar syrup.

4. Best Whisky: Lark Distillery | Tasmania

Lark Distillery has been making whisky since 1839. It is also Australia’s first craft whisky maker and Tasmania’s first single malt whisky producer since 1992. The Tasmanian distillery uses locally grown barley malted at Cascade Brewery, another fine beer worth tasting during your holiday stay.

Using brewing methods first used over 100 years ago, this whisky produces a lower return of alcohol but a smooth, rich, fatty, oily malt that lingers on the palate and gives a big finish.

Thanks to its climate and abundance of barley and peat, Tasmanian whisky scene is thriving and attracting plenty of attention around the globe. Today, Tasmania has forty craft distilleries producing every spirit known to man. It continues to churn out some of the best Australian single malts and other alcoholic beverages. And while distilleries like Lark Distillery and Sullivans Cove are at the forefront, there is no shortage of small-batch distillers not far from the spotlight.

tasmanian distillery
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5. Best Limoncello: Applewood Distillery | South Australia

There no dispute that Italy invented Limoncello however Applewood Distillery in Gumeracha, a town in the Adelaide Hills is making an exceptional limoncello from 150-year-old lemon trees. This light lemon liqueur is literally their labour of love. Family members spend 12 hours hand peeling lemons to produce this delicious citrusy drop.

Applewood Limoncello is 20% strength abv 500ml volume and best sipped slowly and carefully as it can creep up on you by surprise. The fresh citrusy liqueur can be sipped on the rocks or mixed with soda and ice with a fresh slice of lemon.

Sydney and the rest of Australia are awash with boutique bars, nightclubs, trendy licensed cafes and restaurants. This South Australian limoncello may not be on every bar menu but the top bars around Australia will have it on their drinks list.

The Urban List is a great source for both locals and travellers. They sort the good from the great so you can spend less time researching and more time enjoying what Australia has to offer.


alcoholic drinks in australia
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Drinks Named After People

Since time in memorial celebrities and booze have gone hand and hand. It is not unusual to see an actor sipping a Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Margarita or an Old-Fashioned on the big screen. Famous Australians have had drinks named after them, for all sorts of reasons.

Our very own Australian actor, Mel Gibson had a drink named after him at the New York Manhattan Plaza Hotel Oak Room after his mood swings and crazed telephone tirades. Gibson is reported to suffer from manic depression. The Mel Gibson Bipolar Cocktail honours the movie star and all mental health conditions.

Bipolar Cocktail is made from gin, vodka, vermouth, soda water and a splash of onion juice. This super dry cocktail drink with herb grassy notes will take one brave heart to down this concoction.

Image Credit: Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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